Loyola Hall: Jesuit Spirituality Centre

Jesuits finish giving retreats at Loyola Hall Easter 2014

Occasionally the spotlight of media attention passes the way of Loyola Hall.


UPDATE The Big Silence — broadcast on BBC2 on the three Fridays October 22 and 29, and November 5.

Over the past few months, a film crew has been filming a three-part series for BBC2 as another sequel to The Monastery.¬†¬†Although no transmission dates have yet been set, the BBC has put a short trailer on its web site.¬† Though you might not guess it reading the official blurb, the heart of the series is the participants’ experience of an 8-day individually-guided retreat. The retreat was held at St Beuno’s with retreat givers from London, Glasgow, and our own Ruth Holgate from Loyola Hall.


We achieved a moment of tabloid fame when journalist Nan Parry wrote about her experience of coming on a weekend retreat in the Mail on Sunday You magazine. The Silent Treatment (13th March 2005) describes how she found ‘comfort in calmness’.


A Radio 4 series, Monastic Gardens presented by Peter France featured Loyola Hall (despite our not being a monastery!). You can listen to Monastic Gardens: The Jesuits (Radio 4 6th June 2004) as it explores how our garden helps make God tangible for retreatants and visitors.