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The Big Silence on BBC2

posted on October 13th, 2010

The long-awaited BBC2 series The Big Silence will be broadcast on BBC2 on the three Fridays of October 22nd and 29th, and November 5th at 7pm.

The Big Silence is a series about five men and women challenged by Christopher Jamison, OSB to build silence into their daily lives, first with a glimpse of monastic silence at Worth Abbey, and then with an Ignatian silent, directed retreat. Their journeys though not smooth proved fruitful.

Loyola Hall offers a full, year-round programme of silent, individually-guided retreats lasting from a weekend to 8-days. We also have a variety of other retreats and workshops on specific themes.

You can also check out our pages What is Silence? and What is an Individually Guided Retreat?

As a companion to the series, the Growing into Silence web site and booklet provide more help in finding silence in a busy schedule with practical resources and exercises and articles by the four retreat guides who took part in the TV series: Ruth Holgate of Loyola Hall, Tom McGuinness of the Ignatian Spirituality Centre, Glasgow, Brendan Callaghan of Campion Hall, Oxford, and Renate Dullman of St Beunos in Wales.

“The result is a journey that takes them from the depths of sadness through anger and frustration to the heights of contemplative bliss,” writes Paul Nicholson in the introduction to the booklet. “All of them were profoundly changed by the experience.  This booklet offers you the chance to follow up their experience in your own life.  You can find out about the spiritual exercises that they undertook and consider following them yourself.”

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